ASE (Brita Finish Ltd.) is celebrating 70 years in business in 2017, which demonstrates over the decades we have built a reputation as an aluminium treatment specialist – second to none.

We believe our growth and continued success is a result of paying close attention to our customers’ needs for high quality products and service, value for money, reliability and speed of turn around time.

Our superior technical knowledge is no coincidence.


Brita Finish Ltd. was founded in 1947 at The Butts, Coventry.  The name reflects the early emphasis on decorative finishes.  By 1949, allied to the aircraft industry based in and associated with Coventry, the company investigated Hard Anodising.  We were the first to offer Hard Anodising as a service process in England on a commercial basis.

We moved to Bodmin Road, to build a new factory in 1953, to accommodate the expanding range and capacity of electroplating and anodised finishes.  Investment continues in processes, control equipment, staff and technologies.

Our site is now 3,700m2, in the heart of England and near major motorway links.


In 1989, we were one of the founding members of the International Hard Anodizing Association [logo], building global contacts and bringing leading technology to the UK.


We are still Hard Anodisers, but also specialists in Sulphuric, Chromic and Titanium Anodising; Nituff ®; as well as SurTec 650 and Alocrom 1200 conversion coatings.

Our services reflect working in partnership with our customers, locally and nationally; supporting product design and development in key sectors such as automotive, aerospace, defence, power, medical and manufacturing.

Our products are quite literally everywhere, on a day-to-day basis in everyone’s lives.

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