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Chemical Chromating Of Magnesium - Chromate Free

Magnesium's highly active chemical behaviour and its liability to corrosion make it extremely important that it is adequately protected. Until now chromium based chemicals have been used to perform this protection medium.

We can offer a complete protection cycle that is FREE from any chromium containing compounds. "MAG-NON" is a completely new process that produces properties equal or better than chromium based solutions.

Major companies have found that MAG-NON meets or exceeds their specification in regards to bonding adhesion properties and corrosion resistance. Also it goes a long way in helping to achieve the new environmental regulations in regards to the reduction in the use of chromium compounds.

Set out below is comparisons of Magnesium alloys in salt spray tests.

Chromium coated Vs MAG-NON. - Alloy AZ91HP

Chromate conversion 10-20 hours
MAG-NON 10-25 hours
Chromate conversion & sealing 375-475 hours
MAG-NON & sealing 450-600 hours
Chromate conversion & epoxy powder 480-600 hours
MAG-NON & epoxy powder 520-680 hours
Chromate & sealing & epoxy powder 800-1000 hours
MAG-NON & sealing & epoxy powder 800-1000 hours
Alloy AM50HP
MAG-NON 10-20 hours
MAG-NON & sealing 550-745 hours

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