Precision Masking

What is Precision Masking?

Precision masking is a labour intensive and highly skilled process that “masks off” or “stops off” specific areas from the anodising process.  Masking also can be used for decorative purposes.

At Aluminium Surface Engineering, we use techniques such as lacquering, taping and bunging to achieve customer requirements.


Applications include those with tight tolerances or electrical contacts.

Masking can be carried out so that local anodising only may be obtained, but the cost will vary regarding:

  • area to be masked
  • material specification
  • size of part
  • type of process
  • quantity


Sectors such as aerospace, medical and defence require precision masking, and one piece could have a combination of processes applied by using suitable masking techniques.

Successful masking for the Chromic Anodising process is always difficult and should be avoided whenever possible.  If a two-stage anodising treatment is required e.g. Chromic and Hard, then in preference to masking for the first treatment (Chromic), the process should be carried out all over. This guarantees the correct surface finish that can then be masked off prior to Hard Anodising.

Benefits of using ASE for Precision Masking

At ASE we have superior technical knowledge, expertise and experience in masking.

We offer free technical advice and samples to ensure satisfaction with the final piece.

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