Sulphuric Anodising & Colour Finishing

The most widely used anodising process, it produces transparent coatings of optimum corrosion resistance. The film produced gives a range of thickness from 1 – 25 microns depending on alloy and/or application requirements.

The majority of Aluminium Alloys anodised by this process, including the magnesium silicon alloys commonly used in architectural structures, have a natural silver grey appearance. Alloys with high concentrations of copper or silicone will produce darker shades of grey.

Applications & Uses

Sulphuric anodising is the most versatile of all anodising processes because of the excellent properties of the coating, namely it’s high corrosion resistance, decorative appearance and everyday wearability in conjunction with the lightness and strength of today’s modern aluminium alloys.

The uses of the process are too many to mention but are used extensively in the following applications: Automotive, electronic/computer, architectural building and fittings, domestic appliances, furniture and medical equipment.

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