Titanium Anodising

What is Titanium Anodising?

Titanium Anodising adjusts the oxide level on titanium surfaces.  Due to its properties, it is especially used in the metal finishing of products for the medical device and aerospace industries, where durable and colourised products are required.

At ASE we offer the Sulphuric Anodising process for Titanium.


Adjusting the oxide level of titanium surfaces changes the spectrum of light and therefore the perceived colour of the part.  The anodising is not a coating or dye, and the colour is controlled by voltage.  Therefore, the properties of the base metal are not compromised during the process.

Colour range is of the rainbow.


In medical, dental, aerospace and other highly technical applications, the permanent colouring and range of colours is vital in product identification and recognition.  This reduces errors when time and accuracy are essential.

Other applications:

  • In combination with dry-film lubricants, galling resistant uses such as threads
  • Creative or decorative uses such as art or jewellery
  • Removal of surface contamination on titanium fabrications

ASE for Titanium Anodising

Anodising titanium is a specialised capability, and at ASE we offer free technical advice and samples to ensure satisfaction with the final piece.

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